Saturday, November 15, 2014

Pink Nails and Purple Toes

I'm not sure what it is about manicures and pedicures - but it's just so nice to get your nails done!  Does that sound incredibly girly?

Anyway, I haven't had my nails done in months because I wanted to give them a chance to breathe.  I did not like the last gel manicure that I got because it seemed to have damaged my nails.

The pink on the nails is a bit... pink, I will grant you that.  But I like it.  It reminds me of cotton candy.

As for the toes... I'm not sure how I feel about the dark toes.  I was going for a deep, dark slightly metallic purple, and I think I got an old lady slightly brownish eggplant purple(?) instead.  Hmm.


  1. I have terrible luck picking nail polish! The color never turns out as I expected when looking at the bottle.

  2. Wow great job, mostly lady's are liked manicures and pedicures.. it make clean and attractive our hands and feet.. Thanks for sharing this great knowledge.. i definitely try it :) :)