Sunday, November 9, 2014

A Weekend Wandering Around the Dark Side

On Sunday (last Sunday... that's how behind I am) I went with some friends to TST with the intention to watch Interstellar and eat lots of delicious Korean food.  We ended up not realizing unfortunately that Interstellar hasn't been released yet -- our tickets were for the next weekend!  Isn't it amazing that tickets go on sale so far in advance here.  Think it's really one of the only ways to guarantee a good seat.

So with no other movies playing an afternoon show at the same time or close, we decided to go to the eye bar at the top of the iSquare mall and grab an afternoon drink and chill.
I actually really liked the space, though we got a lot of afternoon sun.  From the 30th floor, you can see a lot of the Hong Kong skyline and the harbor.  I'm sure the demand for their terrace space is very high at night but during the day we almost had the space to ourselves.  (Though I will note that even then they would not let us sit on the lounge chairs and settees - they insisted on a HK$2000 minimum even when there was no one else on the terrace!)  I got a strong iced coffee which I was surprised to realize I desperately needed.  And it was a little on the sweet side but it was very strong, so I was happy.
The interior of the eye bar is nicely decorated too.  I like the color scheme.

Next we went to Mr. Korea BBQ, a barbecue restaurant on Austin Road between TST and Jordan.  Along the way we spotted a very popular and delicious waffle vendor… next time I will have to stop and get one.

Mr. Korea BBQ was pretty good.  We got a kim chi pancake, pork belly, bulgogi and short rib in an L.A. marinade.  I didn't like their kim chi and they barely had any panchan, though, so that was disappointing.  I did LOVE their individual ventilation pipes though, which worked wonders.  I am sure I still smelled like meat when I left the restaurant but it was a significant improvement.

The best part was, on my way home, we stopped into a supermarket and I found fresh tamarind, which is super-hard-to-find-in-Hong Kong!  I just eat them plain, straight out of the box.  Yum.

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  1. You are the second person I've seen mention tamarind in the past 3 days! My mouth is watering from that picture.