Saturday, November 22, 2014

Four Seasons Singapore and the Singapore SilverKris Lounge

I really didn't feel like taking many pictures on this Singapore trip, seeing as it was mostly for work and a bit of a weird one.  I stayed at the Four Seasons in Singapore this time instead of at the Conrad -- the first time I was on Orchard Road instead of down by Marina Bay.

The hotel was nice, as you would expect from a Four Seasons, but it was outdated and the layout was not intuitive in a lot of ways.  The outside is incredibly stodgy looking - like a 1970s sandstone colored block.  They do have two swimming pools that looked quite nice though, one for kids on the roof and one for adults swimming laps off of their luxurious club level.

They had nice flower arrangements in their lobby.

But I have not forgiven the hotel for blatantly trying to bait and switch me, by promising me a king sized bed in a deluxe room and then actually delivering two twin (that's twin, not double) sized beds in a deluxe room.  What the what!  I am usually pretty calm and easygoing about these things but this one got me going.  What hotel even has twin sized beds anymore?

 The offensive twin beds before I was moved:
 What really upsets me about the whole matter is that they tried to tell me not once but twice that there was not even one single king sized bed in the entire hotel.  And no suites available for upgrade.  Do I look like an easy mark?  Well, but, would you believe it, fifteen minutes later after a firm phone call (I wasn't mean) they managed to find a room with a king sized bed.  They didn't even walk me to the other room; they just sent the bellhop up with a key and he walked away without any offer to help.  So ridiculous.  I am almost certain that if I were a white man in a suit they would have had a king sized bed the first time around.

Other (definite first world gripes) relate to how often the front desk line was busy or would just ring on and on, how the spa was "fully booked" but actually empty, how uncomfortable the bathtub was… yeah, I know.  I sound spoiled and bratty.  But I was unimpressed with this hotel.  And for the prices they charge!

The view from my room was decent though.  Singapore is so much greener than Hong Kong.

The lunch buffet at the hotel is wonderful though - a very pleasant range of healthy and tasty options.  And they make a great (hot, strong, smooth) latte.

It's monsoon season in Singapore so the skies just rip open occasionally without any forewarning.  The first afternoon I was there, the rain was slashing down furiously, so there was no way to stay dry.  Like in Hong Kong, much of the sidewalks are marble or stone and made very slippery by the water.

I've found that Singapore doesn't have many cute boutiques or shops.  All of the shopping on Orchard seemed to be in malls - one shopping mall after another, all indoors, all connected by pedestrian underpasses and walkways.  Blegh.  There are likely more artisan and independent stores in other districts, but sadly I had no time to try to find them / check them out.

The SilverKris Lounge at the airport was nice - definitely about 100x better than Cathay's lounge in Singapore.
They had fresh fruit, a great selection of TWG tea, and a ton of food options.  I really liked their soup and the laksa bar.

The only gripe there (haha I am in such mean spirits today) is the absolutely worthless business lounge.  It is beautiful and looks very efficient and service friendly -- until you actually get on one of the desktops and realize it won't load anything.  The internet speed was shockingly slow.

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