Saturday, November 1, 2014

HKSPC Gala Ball, and a Happy Halloween to All

I went to the Hong Kong Society for the Protection of Children (HKSPC) gala on Halloween.  A partner at work had purchased a table and I thought it would be fun to get dressed up in black tie and go mingle and meet some new people.  It was held in the Island Ballroom at the Island Shangri-La.  The theme was a "world of wonder" - I kid you not:

It was actually a really nicely done event and truly quite formal.  So many tuxedoes and full length gowns were on display!  They had a silent auction and a raffle and, the best part, really nice table prizes!  I brought home a bunch of random loot - some of which I actually quite like, others of which I brought home for kicks.
 Definitely loving the Sabon hand soap and the gorgeous LV luggage tags...but take for example these amazing glasses.  WHAT the heck am I going to do with them?  They're not even sunglasses...

But then this is probably the best thing I won all night - a shoulder heat pad made up of essential oils and fresh herbs "just plucked" from Sukothai, Thailand, microwavable and meant to help ease and relax neck and shoulder sore muscles.
This is exactly what I wanted and have actually considered purchasing (or something like this but maybe not quite so nice), so this was a really great prize!

The cocktail hour was smushed into the same room as the silent auction, open bar and photo backdrop, so it was a bit tight.

 As much as I really want a ginormous jade tassle necklace for HK$4,000 (starting bid), I somehow found the will to refuse...
The dinner was very nice.  There was a dance floor.  I was very impressed with the august chandeliers and multiple light displays as well as all of the projector screens.  Now that I am dipping a (pinky) toe into wedding planning, I kind of have new respect for these events, no matter how corporate they are.  This kind of planning and attention to detail takes a lot of coordination, effort and time!  Oh yeah, and money…

 The centerpiece was definitely was a bit mesmerizing.
The food was very good:
Salmon with shrimp and grapefruit over a bed of thinly sliced cucumber
Mushroom "Cappucino" soup with creamy duck liver bits
Beef with forest mushroom and spinach, grilled purple cauliflower and sweet potato puree
Dessert was an assortment of passion fruit petit fours and vanilla ice cream
There were a LOT of goodies - multiple prizes for everyone!
There was (slightly odd) entertainment by small children (think little children dancing to bits and bobs of songs whilst wearing full body suits and masks...)

...and singing by the former Cantopop star Sally Yeh (I had to look her up but apparently she is a big deal).

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