Friday, November 28, 2014

Back in Taiwan...Happy Thanksgiving!

I found myself back on a plane on Wednesday night, this time heading to Taipei.  It has been a heavy travel period for me lately.  Here is a shot of the airport as I scurried toward the immigration line:
I am here for work this time, not for play, however, my parents are still in Taiwan, which is a nice stroke of luck.  I am glad I managed to see my dad twice while I am here. My dad flies out tonight and I will miss him. 

Michael came out to Taipei on Thursday evening to stay with me for which I was very grateful.  It would be depressing to be stranded in a conference room on Thanksgiving day otherwise.  Not to mention spending my birthday by myself...

I arrived in Taipei in time to have dinner with my mom and dad on Wednesday night.  We went to a restaurant, Shen Yi, where we were pleasantly surprised at how tasty everything was, even though it was fancier than we expected and certainly in a very heavy tourist area.  Our meal consisted of:

Japanese eggplant with basil.  Can never have enough of this!

Taiwanese oysters sauteed in a black bean sauce with green onions.  Also can never have enough of this!

More sweet potato leaves.  This one cooked in a fragrant light broth with lightly sauteed garlic.  Also can never have enough of this!  (Are you seeing a pattern yet of my favorite Taiwanese foods?)
I struggled to get a good picture of this fillet of fish.  It was pan seared and, topped with some thinly sliced raw onion and a fresh burst of lime, flaky, moist and perfect.
 Traditional Taiwanese style porridge with chunks of sweet potatoes.
For dessert, peanut coated mochi
 I am here for a few more days of meetings.  Hopefully the work will be manageable such that I am able to relax and enjoy this very best of American holidays!

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