Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Dress Shopping Spree

I have pretty much abandoned wearing pants in the workplace for the last three years or so (but I do wear skirts or dresses, don't worry -- I re-read that sentence and realized it could sound very differently from what I intended). 

I like dresses particularly because they are so easy, and in Hong Kong the weather allows for plenty of seasons of bare leg.  I used to like skirts too, but lately I find the mere thought of matching tops and bottoms daunting.  Plus I'm kind of tired of my skirts.  Plus I'm lazy.  Plus I know pencil skirts are flattering, but I don't find them all that comfortable.  Maybe I'm wearing pencil skirts that are too tight, I'm not sure.

Anyway,  a bunch of hum drum at work and the recent spate of crappy OLQE exam studying and just a general feeling of lackluster and malaise led a very cooped up, stressed out moi to be very inspired to go on a bit of a shopping spree recently.

I know I should be doing yoga or running instead, but sometimes retail therapy just can't be beat.

I bought this sleeveless fluid crepe sheath dress from Kate Spade (I hate how much I like her, does that make sense?) even though I promised myself that I would not wear cute girly things at work anymore (i.e., anything pink, with excessive bows or flowers or fussy prints).  I reasoned that I would really like the back of the dress and the front is muted and professional.  It would look good with a blazer.  And I would probably wear it all the time.  So I decided this was a must.  (Funny how my skills of logic and persuasion really shine through at moments like this).

I then reasoned that to balance my "cute" purchase I had to get this professional sheath dress, also from Kate Spade.  (Sorry for the dodgy site on that one; Kate no longer has an image of this dress on her website.) I figured, things are better purchased in pairs + this would have made me eligible for free shipping… it seemed like a good idea.  The things I do just for free shipping!  It's not very rational.

I also bought this Alice & Olivia peplum sheath dress from Shopbop (Shopbop was awesome as usual - I ordered the dress on Friday and it arrived on Monday, free shipping.  That is instant gratification).  This is my first purchase of Alice & Olivia's actually… I quite like their look but I find it a bit overpriced... but now that I've gotten the dress it's not as bad as I thought. This dress is very secure and very clingy, wow.  I read reviews that it was too short for the workplace but I actually think it's perfectly fine (for a 5'4" person, anyway).  It comes to my knees, so length is acceptable.  But it is very tight.  I probably should have gone up one size but then I think it might have been too big.  I'm still not sure if I'm going to keep this one.  It makes me feel very "zipped in" and "suited up" if that makes sense.  With a pair of sky high red heels I could feel very femme fatale in this.

So now I've bought three dresses in rapid succession and I think I feel a little bit better.  Too bad I can't find my wedding dress this easily.  That will be my next dress to tackle.  But in the meantime, don't you think I really ought to consider adding to my stacking rings… or perhaps a new pair of sunglasses?


  1. Darn! When I saw the title, I was hoping you had been wedding dress shopping. That's what I've been doing, without much luck. (Did you know you can have ruching and you can have lace, but very rarely both in the same dress?!) Glad your shopping lifted your spirits :-)

    1. haha I didn't mean to be misleading! congrats, I didn't realize you were wedding dress shopping too. I've come to realize I love lace! good luck, I totally feel your pain!