Monday, November 3, 2014

Happy Halloween!

I forgot that Halloween in Hong Kong is crazy and thankfully by a stroke of luck ended up not taking a taxi home on Friday.  Here are some pictures of the crowds streaming into and out of LKF.  It was like a whole other form of Occupy Central, as police were stationed at all corners and barricades were erected to control the crowd. 

Heading out of LKF:
  Eesh, am I right?  Hong Kong is not a good place for people who do not like crowds.
 Heading toward LKF:
An impromptu Mario Brothers performance took place randomly on the street near my apartment.

Over the weekend I also went to my friend's Halloween Party.  I dressed up as my favorite Boca Seniors player.
The apartment was really nicely decorated, with lots of fun touches.  Everyone came in costume.

  The tarantula on the dining room pendant might have been my favorite.

 There was a ton of Mexican food.  The guacamole and salsa were tasty.
There was a lot of dessert too...


Overall, a great Halloween weekend!

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