Saturday, April 26, 2014


Michael and I went to dinner with a good friend of ours this week.  She suggested Sanche, a modern Korean restaurant in Central.

I checked out the website and the menu and was impressed by the sleek design.

It is on one of my favorite streets in Central, Gage Street:

I thought the food was very tasty.  I couldn't get enough of their dipping sauce for their kimchee pancake.  Someday I will make it to Korea to sample the food there…
Light appetizer of octopus tossed in a yuzu, ponzu dressing

The really tasty kimchee pancake and the dipping sauce I was obsessed with
The pepper pancake.  I liked the kimchee pancake better.
Deep fried calamari, with the restaurant's ubiquitous homemade sauce
Korean fried chicken, with chili paste
One of the specials that night - the Korean bulgogi quesadilla, which they adorably spelled "quesadia"
There may have been more deep fried things on the menu than prudent from a health-conscious perspective, but I quite enjoyed all of the flavors.

I got quite a kick out of their "Bloody Kimchee Mary" but did not try it.  

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