Monday, April 28, 2014

Heartbreak Sour and Spicy Noodles (傷心酸辣粉)

Continuing in the trend of the Chongqing potato noodle that I have fast become obsessed with... I bring to you these very well named noodles. 
I mean, heartbreak?  How romantic and sad at the same time.  I think the name refers to how the noodles are so spicy and sour that you inevitably sniffle (if not sob) as you eat them.

I happened to be in Causeway Bay tonight so popped into this restaurant on the fifth floor of the Island Beverly right next to the world trade center.

I know that this is just a chain restaurant, so its broth may be lacking some quality.  And the pork bits are not that generous. 

However, at HK$28 a bowl (unless you go for the "Super" "Gold" recommended bowl, which is HK$33 a bowl instead), there is really no harm in coming here for a quick snack.
They must put something in these things because I start drooling just by thinking about these noodles (much less tasting them).   That hit of spicy and sour, followed by the nearly painful tingling in the lips... hit me!  Can one be a numbing spice addict?  Hmm... After I slurped down my first bowl I was kind of tempted to get a second.  But I ignored the impulse and paid for just one bowl.

I asked for "medium spicy" because - look at that broth - spicy would probably have hurt my esophagus and burned a hole in my stomach lining.

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