Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Stand Up Comedy at the Fringe Club

Last Friday night, we went to the Melbourne International Comedy Festival Roadshow at the Fringe Club.  It was pretty fun, although the show started off a little rocky because the first guy was just... well, terrible.  I say this with the greatest sympathy because I could not imagine subjecting myself to the ordeal of stand-up.

By the end, though, it was pretty great and I was laughing a lot.  A friend of mine went the night before and she and I agreed wholeheartedly - the last guy, Tommy Dean, billed as the "funniest American in Australia," was our favorite.  I thought he made astute observations about Hong Kong that were all the more impressive for his having been here for only three days.

This is the cafe of the Fringe Club, where, due to classic Hong Kong misdirection, we thought the performance was going to be.  Of course the performance was actually in a different room (a proper theater).  And of course the food we bought from the cafe couldn't be brought into the theater.  Oh, Hong Kong.  Sometimes you really kill us.

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