Thursday, July 11, 2013

Dried Lychees

Ok, ok, I probably spend way too much time on this blog talking about random fruit.  But I had to share!  My friend so very generously brought me three big bags of dried lychees from southern China!  It all happened when, as I was exultantly extolling the delights of the lychee fruit (as I am wont to do from time to time), she asked me if I had ever sampled dried lychee.

Well, I mused, I had tasted dried longan before, but never dried lychee.

Apparently it is a very common practice to dry the lychee fruit - and the result is commonly referred to as the "lychee nut." Dried this way, the fruit is preserved and can last much longer.  Chinese people like to use it in soups and tea, for a touch of sweet.

I also sampled a few dried lychees directly.  I would say that the desiccated version is sweeter and more concentrated, but also contains a musky tartness not present in the fresh fruit.

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