Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Foreign Correspondents Club

I recently went to a work event at the Foreign Correspondent's Club, or FCC.  I've been there before for lunch and drinks but never for dinner.  

I quite like the bar in their ground floor because it wraps around the entire center of the room and is a massive mahogany fixture.  The walls are white stucco and covered with framed copies of journalism treasures throughout the ages, consisting of newspaper headlines, covers of magazines, and historical pictures.  Fans whir from the high ceiling.  The floor is a mosaic of scuffed and cracked colored tile.  
The food here is not great, but the prices are very reasonable.  My colleagues couldn't get enough of the HK$21 gin and tonics.  The restaurant upstairs is fancier and nicer, and has an open air terrace that wraps around the side. This time, I also discovered the jazz bar in the basement.  It has low ceilings, neon blue lights, and a pretty extensive scotch and whiskey collection.

In the realm of Hong Kong's posh private clubs, I think of the FCC as the ink-stained, rumpled, slightly ornery uncle - which I guess is in perfect accord with its journalistic history.  

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