Friday, June 17, 2016

Trampolining at Ryze

It is summer associate time at the firm, and one of the activities that was organized was trampolining.  Yes.

This is all the craze in Hong Kong currently, from three year old birthday parties to adult fitness classes to trampolining junkies whose idea of a good time is to gather at a gym on a random weeknight and... well... bounce.
I have to say, having never really been on a trampoline but for maybe a few mere minutes at camp when I was eight years old, it is fun but also a little bit... scary.  It didn't help that I had heard that people have broken bones and injured themselves quite severely at these things. 

Because these things are bouncy.  The flying part of it was fun and great - it was the landing part that had me very worried.  
You are supposed to avoid landing outside of the trampoline square (i.e., the green and gray mat areas), I think because these are pads that have been laid on top of metal rods, which are holding the massive trampoline together.  It is harder to control your direction, when you're bouncing several feet into the air, than you might think.  

Some of the people at the trampoline park were amazing - doing cartwheels into back handsprings and launching themselves off of the trampoline into piles of foam cushioning.  

When it came to the riskier moves, I decided to observe more than attempt, but it was still really fun overall.  I managed to try a few easy airborne pikes and splits and was happy with my attempts.

This is the area where you sign in, and also sign a nice long healthy waiver.
Lockers to hold valuables and shoes.  You have to trampoline barefoot, or else buy a pair of their special grippy socks.
Glad I tried it, though I am not sure that I would go out of my way to do this again.

Ryze Ultimate Trampoline Park
3/F, 321 Java Road
North Point, Hong Kong 
2337 8191

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