Wednesday, June 8, 2016

All the Orchids

My office gets a new orchid plant delivered for the main desk every few weeks or so, but they replace it before the blooms have even begun to fade.
For the price of the pot, I got to keep this one, the latest "discard".  I mean, really!  Recycling can take all forms, including adopting a plant that is going to be retired.  So far, the flowers have made me very happy while at work.  I think they really add some "pop" to my office and brighten up the whole space.

Word is that these orchids are bred and cared for by the orchid whisperer, a very crabby old Hong Kong lady at the florist near our office.  Supposedly her temperament towards humans leaves much to be desired, but anyone can see that orchids have no problem responding to her touch.

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