Saturday, June 4, 2016

Latest Life Updates

I have been percolating a few blog draft posts but haven't gotten around to shepherding them from that ephemeral brain state into electronically published format...

Last week I returned from Ho Chi Minh city on Friday afternoon, then promptly headed into the office to get a bunch of work done before the weekend.

On Saturday (so, unbelievably, a week ago today!), I went to dinner with a few girl friends at Belon, a new French bistro (from the Black Sheep Restaurant group) that opened on Elgin Street (and I cannot even remember what it replaced, such is the transient state of restaurants in Hong Kong).  It was tasty, though very buttery.  I would say the only drawback is its tiny portion sizes.  We then went to Foxglove after for drinks and to listen to the jazz band.

The work week this week showed no signs of slowing down, with a closing occurring in the U.S. right after Memorial Day, two of my deals coming back to life with urgent new issues, and a tricky beneficial ownership report filing that had me very stressed.  This was a week of a lot of late nights and early mornings!  Coffee… coffee was essential this week.

Last night, Michael and I went with friends to the Frozen Planet concert with the HK Philharmonic.  It consisted of many stunning clips of various animals in the Arctic and Antarctica, set to live music accompaniment.  I loved it!  The cinematography was incredible - huge packs of killer whales in a strategic attack on a seal, wolves chasing down a buffalo, penguins soaring in the water, polar bears playing, beluga whales swimming, an albatross learning how to fly…the videos showed all the facets of nature - the tender, the playful, the cruel and the relentless.  As one of my friends said, it was like watching animal planet in a big theater, but set to really, really good surround sound.

We live on a beautiful planet full of such whimsical, amazing animals, and the fact that we have the technology and ability to capture it on film, pair it to such fitting musical accompaniment, and package it for consumption in an intimate auditorium… the whole show felt like a joyous celebration of our world and our humanity.  It was a really nice big-picture distraction from the various minutiae that I had been preoccupied with during the week.

In other news, Hong Kong has reared its hot head, and all signs indicate that it is going to be one of the hottest summers on record.  Tonight, Michael and I are headed on a double date to try a new restaurant in Sai Ying Pun, Fish School.  More details in the next post!

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