Thursday, June 23, 2016

Catch Up at Moyo: Korean with an Italian Twist

I had dinner with some girlfriends on Wednesday at the restaurant Moyo in Soho.  It has been a meh week thus far and this was the perfect antidote to hump day.
 The concept of Moyo is Italian Korean fusion.  Whaaaa?  Yeah, it works though - much better than I expected, in fact.  Almost all of the dishes that we sampled were very tasty.

I would say that it's mostly Korean food with a touch of Italian.  The space was pretty good, as far as Hong Kong restaurants go (meaning, tiny tiny, but they actually did a decent job fitting in a bunch of tables).
We started with roasted brussels sprouts cooked in a peanut sauce that was lovely - it was flavored a bit strongly, but it was so finger-licking' good that I didn't mind.  Unfortunately, no picture.

The cacio e pepe rice cakes with pecorino cheese and walnuts and cracked pepper sounded a bit odd on paper, but when it came I was pleasantly surprised by how tasty it was.  And I don't even like walnuts.  The cheese was strong and aromatic and oh-so-delightfully nutty, salty and just... gooey cheesy good!
 We ordered a tofu salad with dried lotus root and beet root chips, paired with arugula, thinly sliced apples and radicchio.  It looks very bland, but the dressing or the marinade that they used for the tofu was surprisingly zesty.
The kimchee pancakes - oh my, these were my favorite!  If I come back I am going to get two orders of these and eat all six pancakes by myself.  They were spicy and holy moly delicious.  I liked the crispy exterior also - very nice.  It came with a soy sesame dipping sauce that was spot on.
 This was the bulgogi (marinated beef cubes) with mushroom and onions.  I didn't love the dill sprinkled on top (likely only for garnish purposes but still, I must have accidentally taken one in) but otherwise, this dish, paired with rice, was very tasty.
Their kimchee tasting platter - meh.  I only wanted one of these, but it wasn't available and I had to get the sampler.  I didn't think this one was so good.  Not one bit of Italian fusion element to this dish, though...
Fried chicken (dark meat) - this was the half tasting portion.  It was so good - I wish we had gone big or gone home, and gone for the full portion!  I don't think there is anything Italian about this either.

36 Aberdeen Street
Central Hong Kong
+852 2858 2777

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