Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Saturday Eats -- Top Grade Hot Pot (上品火鍋料理) in Tin Hau and Xiao Tian Gu (小甜谷) in Tai Hang

I had a very fulfilling weekend food adventure, trying out a new hot pot restaurant in Tin Hau called "Top Grade Hot Pot," and then sampling some traditional desserts in Tai Hang.  
The abundant sauce selection

My mixed sauces
Elaborate…marbled beef sculpture
The pot!  We got tom yum soup base and a fish head in sichuan peppercorn broth
Mixed pot, beef, another platter of beef, and two veggie platters
Vermicelli, frozen tofu, mushroom platter
 The soup base was delicious, not too oily, and the ingredients were very fresh.
The aftermath - picked clean!
 The restaurant served a complimentary chilled almond milk pudding.
After that very fulfilling meal, we headed to Xiao Tian Gu, a Taiwanese dessert shop.

As you can see, the store is very small, and their sign is searingly bright.
We ordered a hot almond milk and egg white soup, a chilled tofu pudding and almond milk and mango soup, a Hokkaido steamed milk, a durian and glutinous sticky rice with sago, and a black sesame ball in hot ginger soup.

So good!  The durian was so smooth and creamy, and the varying textures in this dish were delightful.
the spread
I am certain I will return to these two spots!

Top Grade Hot Pot
5-11 Tsing Fung Street
Tin Hau, Hong Kong
+852 2323 1008

Xiao Tian Gu  (小甜谷)
10-11B School Street
Tai Hang, Hong Kong
+852 2882 6133

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