Monday, March 7, 2016

Hiking -- The Twins

This weekend I went and finally hiked the Twins for the first time since being in Hong Kong.  I had previously been reluctant to do this hike because it's also known as the hike of "1000 Steps" and I had heard that some parts of the descent were steep and unwieldy.  But I finally summoned up the energy and enthusiasm to join my friend, and I'm so glad I went!

It was really not bad at all - the whole trail was perfectly paved, most of it consisting of concrete steps.  As with all trails in Hong Kong, the path was very well signed.  The trail starts right in front of Parkview, a mega-complex with its own supermarkets and kindergarden.  I have to suppress a shudder when I see these huge building blocks, because the monotony of each unit, like the tiny anonymous holes in a big buzzing beehive, gives me the creepy crawlies.
Look for the car park on the left side of the road (if coming from Central):
There is a little map to indicate the trails:

I really liked the sweeping views (you have to be climbing up up up toward something, after all!) and for many parts of the hike you have vistas on both sides.  The gradient is truly something else - both going up and coming down I experienced brief flashes of vertigo (but in a good way, if possible).
The morning was a bit cloudy and overcast, but perfect for hiking.  It would have been much prettier if it was sunny and bright, but then it would have been so much hotter…here, leaving the north side of Hong Kong island behind, 
…and heading over the mountain and toward the south:

 We went up, then down, then up again, then down again, then up again, then down again… you get the idea.

We saw a lot of people on the trails, heading in both directions.

 You get to a resting point on the trail, where people usually like to rest up, sit, eat a banana, and drink some water, before continuing.

It's also a good point to make an emergency call, if you need it!
Continuing on...

 The sun had come out at this point.

 When you finish, you end on a main thoroughfare, where you can either continue down to Stanley, or hop on a bus or a cab and head to wherever you want!

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