Thursday, March 10, 2016

Client Dinner

It's usually pretty fun to attend a client dinner, but it's rare to find a client event that is more fun, and more satisfying, than a client closing dinner.  The pain and frustration of ushering the deal through its bleakest hours and longest nights have faded into a hazy fond oblivion, and all that is left are some fantastic war stories and camaraderie and feelings of goodwill and solidarity.

Everyone is in good spirits, optimistic about the completed venture and eager to work together again on a new project.

I worked on this deal for practically a year, when I prepared, negotiated, reviewed and just generally flat out worked on every aspect of the transaction in order to usher it to signing and closing.

We finally got around to celebrating the closing with the clients over dinner at one of the fanciest Italian restaurants in town, enjoying a set menu consisting of a confit of organic egg paired with braised barley vegetables covered with thin freshly sliced slivers of black truffle, artichoke soup with fresh mint and parmigiano reggiano, homemade tagliolini paired with butter, parmesan and a black truffle fondue, and baby lamb with aromatic herbs, black olives, barley and vegetables.  Dessert was a warm ricotta tart with a candied orange and ricotta gelato.  We paired the meal with a sparkling wine and choice of white or red.  The red, a magnum of nebbiolo, rolled like velvet on the tongue.

The ingredients were fresh, the food was delicious, the truffles were amazingly aromatic, and everything was prepared with care and served impeccably. 

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