Thursday, March 17, 2016

Post Lantau Hike - Ngong Ping Cable Car and Feast at Handi Indian Restaurant

I couldn't finish my last post about hiking Lantau because it was just too long and I got tired of waiting for pictures to upload.  But now that we have moved to a new building with fiber optics capabilities, I am a posting machine!  (Going from barely 3 mb/s to 1000 mb/s would make anyone's head spin).

After our invigorating hike to Lantau Peak, we got back to Tung Chung by taking the cable car.  We opted for the crystal bottom car, but the weather was so poor that it was probably not worth the extra money.
My rather bleak view
 Descending into Tung Chung.
 To the right, a lot of big buildings.
 To the back, more cable cars.

 To the left, the airport!
 They are building a new super highway to Macau.  Or something like that.
A group shot when the bottom was clear!
Credit to my friend for capturing everyone's kicks!
 After arriving in Tung Chung, we went to Handi Indian Restaurant for a feast.
 I still can't get over how big these building blocks are.
 Yum, yum yum.
 We got chicken and vegetable samosas.
 We also got pakoras, which are essentially Indian tempura.
 The chicken tandoori was amazing.
 Okra and tomatoes.
 Lamb vindaloo (so so spicy!) and chicken makhani (so creamy).
Saag paneer.
Lam biryani.
The spread.
Not captured: the delicious naan and garlic naan, the myriad sauces, the various beverages (salt lassi, masala tea) and the creamy beef korma.  Nothing is quite so tasty as food after a long and grueling hike!

The restaurant is great - like a lot of restaurants in the area, they will drive you back to the Tung Chung MTR after your meal.  I hear they will also pick you up from the MTR and drive you to their restaurant if you call them in advance!

Handi Indian Restaurant
G/F, No. 8, Ha Ling Pei Tsuen
Tung Chung Road, Tung Chung
Lantau Island, New Territories, Hong Kong
+852 2988 8674

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