Saturday, March 26, 2016

Status Update! Hong Kong, Bangkok and Koh Samui Adventures

Last week was really busy, but we are now fully moved in and have spent the past few days in Hong Kong, Bangkok and Koh Samui, showing Michael's parents around and just relaxing in tropical paradise.

His parents brought me a bunch of wonderful things that I had shipped to their house (woo hoo!) including my vintage typewriter (which is beautiful) and the most beautiful yoga pants (to be featured in another post).
 We went to a bunch of sights around Hong Kong.  We had dim sum at Island Tang, then took the star ferry across the harbor to TST.  The day was particularly muggy, making the harbor look remarkably mystical.  Beautiful, right?
 In TST, we went on a whim to get Michael's dad a sports coat.  It was so fun!

 Michael's dad is so decisive, we were out of there in less than twenty minutes, with the wool (150s navy blue), buttons (brass with a border), inner lining (periwinkle blue) all picked out.  We will go to check the fit today.  On a shopping high, we then took Michael's mom to our jeweler to get sapphire earrings.  We picked 18K white gold and five sapphires in each hoop earring, to be custom made.  These are also available today for pick-up.  (Hong Kong is pretty good at fulfilling feelings of instant gratification).  Squeeeeeee I love shopping!

After all that walking and shopping, we were hungry.  I had made reservations at Si Jie, a Sichuan private kitchen in Causeway Bay, where we ordered a bunch of food.  Michael's mom can handle. her. spice. So I figured this was the perfect place!  Here, Michael is very serious as he serves the cold noodle appetizer.
Some of the dishes we ordered:

 And then, before we knew it, we were in Bangkok!  Here, squeezed into an impossibly tiny tuk tuk, outside of the Grand Palace.  It was really hot.
 Here, a selfie of Michael and me outside of Wat Pho, the reclining Buddha.  Rocking the aviators.
 March in Bangkok is not for the weak.

We arrived in Koh Samui on Monday morning (we had some very early flights, with back to back Sunday and Monday morning flights at 8:30 am), but it was all worth it when we got to relax in our own villa, with this amazing view.

 The sunsets here were pretty amazing.  I couldn't resist taking a whole series of them:

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