Friday, October 23, 2015

Taichung Night Market

My uncle and aunt live near what is going to be a huge new business district in Taichung, and right next this huge swath of land they have created a night market.  It is not huge (compared to Taichung's Fengjia market, or Taipei's Shilin market) but it is so cute and charming that I couldn't help but fall in love with it when we visited this time.

It's a much more traditional night market, focusing not just on food but also on games. I often forget that night market is actually kind of like a carnival - and that's why it's like heaven on earth for kids, and likely heaven on earth for parents of kids as well.  

Why, look, what do we have here?
Michael may be a bit too confident in his dart throwing and beer pong skills, because he immediately tried to play this game (you have to hit 7 out of 8 of the gallons in a rectangle) - it is hard because the darts they give you are flimsy and (he claims) crooked.

There was a Hunger Games style game with bows and arrows:

And a game with bean bags knocking down cans:
 Then we got to try our hand at shrimp fishing!  I've never done this before but this particular stand had what looked like extra clean and very fresh shrimp.  The idea is, you hook as many shrimp into the bucket with a tiny stick and thin string, without breaking the string.
 It requires a lot of concentration.

But Michael did it!  He got one in the bucket!
 I could not, for the life of me, get one.  I broke two strings because each time I hooked the shrimp's tail I got impatient and yanked, and that caused the string to break.  Next time, I vow, I will succeed.

What happens to the shrimp you catch?  Well… sad news bears.  They grill it for you.  They just plop that raw live wriggling sentient being onto some hot coals…eep.
 Poor thing.  But I didn't feel so bad that I didn't eat it.
 Here is the man himself, with his carnival prize.
 There was a lot of food, to be expected at any night market in Taiwan:

 Back to the games - a mini arcade.
 Here, a balloon popping game with toy guns that would not be a very good idea in the U.S.
 And some more bean toss games.
Look at these little kids on the trampoline!  How fun!!

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