Monday, October 12, 2015

Fruit! The Longkong and the Calamansi

You all know how much fruit excites me.  On this trip, I got to sample two fruits - one, the longkong, which I barely remember trying (I think I sampled some in Thailand with my sister) and another, the calamansi, which I love and which can be hard to source in Hong Kong.

First, the longkong - a Thai fruit that is very similar to the longan, except that its peel is much thicker and the fruit is portioned into little wedges.
 It is less juicy and less sweet than the longan, but it has a nice light citrus-like flavor that I thought similar to a mild grapefruit.

 Then, the calamansi - I got a huge bag of these little suckers for less than 70 cents at the market in Manila:
 At first I was a little turned off by the scabby yellow exterior that was on some of the fruits - but it seems to have no effect on the juiciness or the flavor.

 Inside, the fruit is a bright yellow, almost orange color.  For all the juice that these tiny little fruits carry, they have a disproportionate amount of seeds.

 It is a very tart fruit, but it is so good fresh squeezed, served cold or hot, paired with some sugar or honey.

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