Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Flowers and A Most Beautiful Vase

 Today I bring to you pictures of a cheerful and colorful bouquet of flowers that Michael purchased for me on a whim upon our return from dinner one night.  I love random bouquets of just because!
 He tried to bargain with the vendor, unfortunately without much success, but hey, he shaved HK$2 off the price!  I think she got a kick out of him bargaining in Chinese, too.
Even better, I got to use this new vase, which two of my friends in Hong Kong, who were not able to make the wedding, gifted to us.  It's a Georg Jensen vase and I love the shape and lines and planes of it.    Have I mentioned before that I love asymmetry?
 But more than anything else, I love how they know me so well and got us (me?) such a fitting present!    

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