Monday, October 26, 2015

Family Dinner in Taichung

Last post on Taichung!  After the ten course banquet on Sunday, of course we did nothing but return to our hotel room to rest and relax, and then proceed to go back out for dinner and eat yet another ten course meal.  When in Taiwan…

The restaurant was cheap and cheerful.  Gotta love the decor.

Free appetizer - raw clams marinated in soy sauce, vinegar and garlic.  Yum.
 Marinated abalone salad:
 Kidneys and various animal organ parts:
 Rich soup of crab, vegetables, and fish, a very traditional Taiwanese dish (probably my favorite dish of the meal):
Spring rolls stuffed with pork and shrimp:
 Fish fillets (these were "in season" and gob-smackingly, fall off the bone tender):
 Squid, sea cucumber and shrimp stir fried with pea shoots:
 Chicken soup:
 And because we wanted to celebrate my dad's 65th birthday in two days, a special birthday dish for him, roast pork with noodles (for long life):
This was Michael's favorite dish.

After dinner, we brought out a cake which I had specially bought for my dad's birthday.  The restaurant dimmed the lights and we sang in Chinese and English.

The cake. was. phenomenal.  A vanilla sponge cake with pudding filling and fresh berries.  I could probably have eaten half of that cake on my own without problem.


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