Thursday, October 15, 2015

My Parents in Hong Kong - A Quick Catch Up Dinner at Star Seafood

My parents were in Hong Kong last week for a few days before they headed to Guizhou with a tour group.  Michael and I went to see them and have dinner at Star Seafood in North Point where they were staying.  We chose the restaurant primarily for its proximity to the Fortress Hill MTR.

The daily soup, spooned out from a little crock pot:
 Braised eggplant casserole with salted chicken:
 Stir fried kale with garlic:
 Sweet and sour pork ribs:
 Duck (Michael's favorite, and a bargain at HK$68 for the platter)
 And lastly, the steamed fish:
He was a big one!

The duck and the eggplant casserole and the kale and the soup were good.  The spare ribs were tough and chewy and not very impressive.  The fish was huge and good value for money at HK$138, but they overcooked it so it was not as tender as it should have been.

Star Seafood has chains all over the city.  We went to the one on King's Road in North Point:
M/F, 1/F, 294-296 King's Road, North Point
Phone: 2918-9828

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