Friday, October 16, 2015

Flying Over Hong Kong

I went to Taiwan for a relatively last minute work meeting earlier this week.  It was a pretty clear day in Hong Kong and I took these series of shots as we took off late afternoon.
Eyeing another Cathay Pacific airplane on the runway
Leaving! With the airport in the foreground
A busy harbor with speedboats leaving long white wakes
From another perspective

Getting up there

Above the clouds
It is always amazing to me how draining these short trips are, even though I get to fly in business and I am given my choice of hotel.  While I still love to travel for work, I find I am much less productive when I am on the road, and it is hard to keep my energy up between the constant transports between the airport and the city center.  I wish I could find a good solution for my terrible car-sickness!

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