Wednesday, October 14, 2015

New Facial Products

I went into Sasa the other day and on a whim purchased a bunch of beauty products, this time all from Korea.

Michael pointed out that the coloring in my face was a bit sallow lately and that my skin was dry and flaky (isn't he Mr. Sensitive).  I had been noticing the same thing, though, and I suspect it's that I just haven't found the right kind of fast-absorbing moisturizer that could make my very dry and delicate skin happy.

I got a facial where they tried a moisture-rich mask for a long time, but the results seemed temporary.  After a day or two, my face was back to being very dry.  I suspect the problem is the constant stream of air conditioning here in Hong Kong.  And if it's not the air conditioning, then it's likely all of the electronics surrounding me during the day and at night, and the pollution outside (including the early morning smokers whose second hand smoke I inhale every morning along with the bus and taxi discharge on my way to work).

I thought maybe the problem was that I had stopped exfoliating.  I don't exfoliate very often for fear of irritating my skin, but it clearly helps my skin absorb more moisture.  I couldn't find any of the rice exfoliant that I like from dermalogica, so I decided to try this Dr. G Brightening Peeling Gel.  I admit when I first saw the words "peeling" I got very nervous.  I hate anything to do with peels or lasers, especially on the face.  But then I read some reviews and it is basically just a gel like substance that you rub into your face after you've washed it.  The gel creates these tiny little white clumps that may or may not be your dead skin (I doubt it) but it clearly has some exfoliating properties because after you rinse it off, your skin feels very very soft and smooth!
On a whim I purchased these super fancy-looking face masks - I picked the ones that were labeled "moisturizing," "enriching" and "rejuvenating".  Frankly I'm not sure that there is any real difference in these masks, however, I tried the blue one and I did find it lovely - so comfortable.  Unlike other (cheaper) masks I've used, the masks from Soo Beaute are a gel-like substance surrounding a mesh net inner layer, which helps the mask really stay adhered to your face.  It also comes in two parts for a better fit.  You are supposed to wear them for 30 minutes.

I confess am not sure about the long lasting effects of these things, but I've started to really like them!  Maybe I'll add this to my soothing and relaxing routine before bed...

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