Monday, September 14, 2015

Nat's at Palm Grove

On one of our last days on the island, we drove out to Nat's at Palm Grove to enjoy some of his famous barbecue, located all the way out in the middle of nowhere, on the rarely-ventured and nearly wild southeast side.

It's a pretty barren landscape, right?

We each took turns posing with the rum punch, made so super strong and sprinkled with nutmeg:

I may be a better photographer than Michael.  Just saying.

 It took us a little bit of maneuvering to figure our way out of the mangroves, and eventually ease our little rental car back onto the road.  (You have to off-road to get to Nat's.)  I have to say, everything about the trip and that restaurant was a remarkable display of faith.  Unmarked, down a long windy sandy track, through mangroves, over bumps and ditches, emerging into a little clearing, where Nat has improbably built the simplest of shacks, and manages to cook lobster, crayfish and ribs with not much more than some fire, some spice, and some will.  Gosh, this is why I love adventures!

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