Thursday, September 17, 2015

Kum Gang San - Dinner in New York

We flew back to New York from Anguilla, and then had one full day in New York to pack up our stuff.  We had four full suitcases coming back this time, because I was determined to use up as much of our baggage allotment on Cathay as possible.  Surveying our bags, I have to say, we hauled back a lot of Tabasco and coffee.

Before we left, we went to dinner with my mom and dad and grandma, at Kum Gang San.  My mom knows that Michael likes to eat meat, so we went to an old favorite for Korean barbecue.  I realize that it seems like we eat a lot of Korean food...

 It was a nice but slightly bittersweet end to our trip - the return flight from New York to Hong Kong is such an ordeal that we always feel like we have to steel ourselves for it.  Unfortunately the prospect of dragging our huge, heavy suitcases through customs and the logistics of carrying them up four flights to our small flat...  weighed on me, flitting around the edges of my mind, as we packed and prepared for our departure. 

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