Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Honeymoon - Bliss on a Beach

Hope you all had a very happy labor day Americans!  It is so hard to believe that summer is over.

Here is a beautiful shot of powdery white sand and gorgeous clear turquoise waters of Shoal Bay, quickly becoming a distant memory as I've returned to real life, albeit as a "Mrs."
Before we headed to Anguilla, we stayed in a lovely suite at the Ritz in Battery Park.  It was big, with a living room, a full bath, a half bath, and a bedroom.  The bedroom had really nice, unobstructed views of the water, including the Statue of Liberty.
It also came with a large telescope for snooping viewing pleasure.  The weather in New York both during the wedding and afterward was really amazing, too - I felt like the city really rolled out the welcome mat for us.  From there, we flew out to Anguilla early Tuesday morning.

We had the poor luck to be heading to Anguilla right as Hurricane Danny, and then Hurricane Erika, swept through the Caribbean.  I guess going to the islands in late August was not the best idea… but we did get very secluded beaches.  And in fact, the weather was really only poor for about a day and a half.  Every day everyone would cluck over the impending weather systems and nearly every morning the day would emerge bright and sunny and hot and beautiful.  Like thus:
 Our resort was on a cliff overlooking Meads Bay - it provided a nice backdrop of water and foliage.  But it was also very easy to access the beach (down one flight of stairs) and in fact we often went down to the point in the picture below, where you could then access a private beach on the other side of the resort.  Fabulous!
 In Anguilla, the beaches were generally pretty empty...

And our infinity pool looked out over the cliffs into the wide blue yonder.

The water was truly amazing...
 I could not in all the days that I was there get over the color of the turquoise waters, or the powdery white sand.  The sand is so fine that it remains cool despite the heat!

Also the sunsets were fantastic too, especially from our deck and the swimming pool:

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