Thursday, September 10, 2015

Malliouhana, The Resort

You may have seen some stock pictures from The Malliouhana, the resort that we stayed at in Anguilla, but now you can see it as how I saw it, meaning, all of the little details that had caused me to fall in love with it!

We walked into the room and immediately saw a lot of white and blue outside...
 Turns out they gave us a room on the corner with just sweeping and irresistible views.

Unfortunately with the news of the impending typhoons the resort staff came all too soon to divest us of our deck furniture. But that still didn't really take away from the effect.
The interior was just lovely - I loved the colors and how everything came together. The furniture did not feel dated and there was none of that fussy prototypical island print.  No, the room looked like it came straight out of a Home and Garden spread.

Our tub was lined in mirrors!
I loved this bright floral and fruit tropical curtain. 
 The lobby and common areas of the hotel were just lovely also. 
How amazing are those arches at the entryway to the resort?  I think creme de menthe and robin's egg blue, contrasted with sunshine yellow and burnt orange, are now my favorite interior decor motifs.

There were also fun bits of gold and mirrors which helped add a little pizzaz.  
The floors were tiny little mirrors laid in marble, which caused the ceiling to glow and sparkle when the sun struck.  Look at how the ceiling lit up! 
They had a whole wall of scuba diving helmets, lined from top to bottom, which were lit up at night.  I loved the effect but thought it was also a little bit eerie.
The pool (top pool for adults, bottom pool for kids) and gazebos were very nice and comfortable.  Sadly the gazebos were without their black and white zebra stripes, again due to the threat of the storm.
The whole resort just felt incredibly intimate and very classy. 
Have to admit though, there are tradeoffs.  The service is not impeccable, though the resort staff was  generally friendly enough - but compared to Asia luxury... well, it's not a contest.  However, for the amazing sand, the clear blue waters, the complete lack of crowds, and the overall tranquility?  I think it was worth it.

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