Saturday, September 26, 2015

A Week of Events

This was a pretty busy week for me.  I recently realized that after a day at work, all I want is to rush home to my apartment and relax with a book or a movie, putz around, maybe scroll through my digg reader, or instagram, or blog.  All of these things are lovely, but I couldn't help thinking that, at a time in my life with no pets and no kids, in a vibrant city like Hong Kong, I should try to incorporate more face to face encounters in my daily interactions instead of hiding behind my screens (whether it be a Samsung screen, a macbook screen or a kindle screen) and just generally be more open to opportunities and experiences.  

So I decided that I would try a week where I would network, and meet up with people even if it was only a Tuesday night, and attend a mid-week dinner, and where I would generally just say "Yes" to everything that came my way.  It made my week go by very quickly and I ended up really enjoying it.

On Monday, my firm hosted a networking drinks event at The Asia Society, to coincide with Super Return in Hong Kong.  I went to chat up placement agents and investigation firms, private equity directors and managers.  It is always a bit intimidating to drop in on the conversations of complete strangers, but I think everyone should force themselves to do this every once in a while.  I met a bunch of new people and even received a follow up email and a follow up meeting as a result, so I chalk that up to a success.

On Tuesday, I met up with a girl friend, who is about to (or is in the planning stages) of leaving Hong Kong.  She is also a lawyer and it was interesting to hear some of the differences between her firm and mine.  She also introduced me to her friends, who are relative newcomers to Hong Kong.  It was nice generally just to catch up with some girl friends on an al fresco terrace on a warm night.

On Wednesday, I went to Chiu Chow Garden in Jardine House for a working dinner with the other board members of the Alumni Club of the University of Chicago.  I am glad I went.  During the brainstorming session, as I was trying to help the alumni relations staff (who flew in from Chicago) figure out the strengths and weaknesses of the club in Hong Kong, I realized that I was really enjoying the process of raising suggestions and sharing feedback.  You will just have to take my word for it, but I was making some astute observations and concise suggestions -- after the dinner, the alumni relations director pulled me aside especially to thank me for my insight.  Thus I went home feeling pretty satisfied with myself.  Pictures after the jump.

On Thursday, I headed to a Princeton alumnae's house for an ongoing event that the women's group here have recently set up, called "Dinner with Strangers."  For the first dinner topic, 15 alumnae, who are at various points in their careers (inception, established, at a cross roads, or stalled), came together to share their experiences and talk about their thoughts, concerns, or just share their insight.  It was very interesting to hear everyone's stories - how they ended up in Hong Kong, where they are in their careers, and the decisions they made along the way.  Everyone was very respectful and thoughtful.  The conversation inevitably veered toward the incredibly intimate - I guess it gets very intimate very fast when you discuss topics like career, marriage, hobbies and passions, and infertility.

On Friday, high on the success of the events that transpired this week, I tried a new yoga class with a new instructor.  That was the only failure… it was such a terrible class.  Guess not everything can work out well!

Chiuchow Garden has a very dramatic chandelier heralding its entrance below ground:

I drank pots and pots of tea.
We enjoyed the steamed crab with lots of vinegar and ginger, which is in season now.  Look at how pretty the crab is!  I loved its spots.
One of the officers ordered huadiao wine, which came in this pretty bottle.  I sampled a little bit - it was kind of tasteless and I am not sure I liked it.  From what I have learned it is wine made from glutinous rice and wheat and flavored with Chinese herbs.
We also had some seafood stew, sweet and sour shrimp and kale and beef satay.

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