Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Last Days in Anguilla

Well, I guess all of that lovely vacation wedding honeymoon goodness had to come to an end!
We will miss the sun shining so brightly on the water.
And the dramatic multicolored, multiple stage sunsets:
 And I will miss my buddy, the faithful pelican that loved this particular branch in this particular tree by this particular swimming pool:
We went out one of the nights and stumbled into a pan-Asian restaurant (only one open during a tropical storm).  The couple was from Guangzhou and Taiwan, of all places, and we struck up a conversation with them in Chinese.  We marveled at how there are Chinese everywhere in the world.  I mean, what are the chances?? The population of Anguilla is just over 15,000.  Below, our expressions after sipping our drink (made with Chinese liquor) from a cognac like goblet.

One more for the books:
Farewell, resort!


  1. Hi Allison -- looks like you had a great time, even with the store. FYI -- my experience is that Chinese own a disproportionate number of the businesses in the Caribbean (often they are HK Chinese who left before the handover). Apparently has something to do with easy immigration to other former British territories. And like most immigration patterns, once a foothold is established, everyone invites their friends :) Funny how the world works.

  2. typo -- I mean't "storm"