Sunday, September 13, 2015

Lunch and Golf at CuisinArt

Cuisinart has a resort and spa in Anguilla (yes, the same Cuisinart as your blender and food processor) and they have the only hydroponic farm and golf course in Anguilla.  Curious about both, we went over there to spend an afternoon.

As soon as we got there I decided I was very happy that we had chosen our resort.  Cuisinart is huge, and sprawling, and kind of dated, and does not have as nice of a beach.  Their liberal use of tile made me shudder.

 We had lunch on their patio.
I was very underwhelmed by my Greek salad, made with fresh vegetables from their famous hydroponic farm.  Really?  It was just spears of slightly dried out hearts of romaine lettuce that could have come vacuum packed from anywhere in the world, topped with cherry tomatoes that did not have any flavor, and feta cheese, olives and onions that I know for a fact had to have been imported.  So, Cuisinart, frankly, I call bull.
 Michael got a chicken sandwich and fries.  The man always ruins my pictures of the food because he just cannot wait.

After lunch, I proved myself a devoted wife by accompanying Michael as he played 18 holes of golf.  Do you know how long that takes people?? I consoled myself with Red Stripes, my kindle, and getting to drive the golf cart.
He took a few practice swings before we hit the course.

 The course was lovely and it was a beautiful day.

 We even saw a few goats and chickens around.

 We played until just before sunset, then called it a day and headed back to our resort.

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