Friday, January 2, 2015

The Shambhala Resort - Khao Lak

From our resort at the SALA, we arranged a car transfer to our next hotel, the Shambhala Resort on Bang Niang Beach in Khao Lak, about an hour's drive north from the SALA in Phuket.

The Shambhala is a family run business, with the wife and husband manning the kitchen and the bar, the grandmother serving food, the aunt cleaning the rooms (with two kids tagging along).

It is a really comfortable place.  We were right on the coast, facing west, so the sunsets were pretty spectacular.

While not as high end as the SALA, it also feels a lot more personal and intimate.  We really enjoyed vegging out here at the end of our stay, just relaxing on the lounge chairs with a beautiful view of the ocean, taking quick dips in the pool, or just sitting on our ocean facing balcony and listening to the lull of the waves.

Due to the pretty poor weather (it thundered and the rain came down in sheets on one of the days) we did not go snorkeling or plan any small boat trips out to the Similan Islands.   But I wasn't disappointed, because it was so relaxing to float in the salty ocean and walk the sandy soft beach.  I got a massage at the resort.
 We really didn't want to leave.

We ate at the restaurant for all of our breakfasts.  We had dinner there once and it was really good too.
 My delicious pad see euw variation (with a lot of vegetables).
 A Penang chicken curry for Michael.
A fried pineapple pancake with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream to finish.

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