Monday, January 12, 2015

Mrs Pound - A Trendy, Fun New Restaurant in Sheung Wan

I went to check out Mrs. Pound with some friends on Saturday night.  Mrs. Pound is a cool new restaurant that opened on Pound Lane in the increasingly trendy Sheung Wan neighborhood.  Pound Lane is a tiny little street that runs off of Hollywood Road.

The decor is really fun and the trickiest part may be figuring out how to open the door to the restaurant.  It is totally gimmicky - the door slides open and shut but you have to know to hit the button on the side in order to activate the door.  This is the door when it's opened:

This is the door half opened / in the process of opening:

There are a lot of stamps in the window.
 The inside is relatively dim but lit up by bright lights along the wall and from lit up hoops hanging from the ceiling.
 My view from my seat, once finally seated.  Be aware, it is a LONG wait!  No reservations.
I thought the food was relatively good, but there were some items that were definitely standout and some items that were mediocre.

Our food:
rainbow salad with a peanut sauce 
corn smothered with sriracha and mayonnaise and cheese
this was possibly Michael's favorite - fries with beef rending
laksa bibimbap
possibly my favorite - lamb skewers with cumin and garlic
the steamed bun filled with beef rendang, stamped with a Mrs. Pound logo
Spicy shredded pork and basil to be wrapped in lettuce
I missed taking a picture of the Hainanese chicken with brown rice.  That was pretty good.

The atmosphere was great, full of hopping music and lots of energy and excitement.  The restaurant was uniquely decorated.  I loved the logo that we sat underneath as we ate.

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