Friday, January 23, 2015

A Law Firm Opening Party At the Four Seaons

I went to a party at the Four Seasons this week, hosted by a PRC firm celebrating the grand opening of their office in Hong Kong.  They know how to throw a good party. 

I was quite enamored with the high ceilings and all the large television displays and people on stage.
Halfway through the presentations, they exploded champagne bottles full of confetti and glittery bits littered the floor.  It was very dramatic.

There were sliders.

  There was a nice assortment of crudites.
There were also some Chinese dishes that are kind of hard to eat in a cocktail setting, like eggplant covered in fish sauce and fish flakes.
  There were many desserts.

 I tried a few because they looked so cute and precious, even though I usually don't like this kind of dessert.  The red velvet cake lollipops were good but really, really sweet.  Like toothache inducing sweet.
Guess what their going away present for everyone was?  A selfie stick!  Amazing.

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