Wednesday, January 28, 2015

An Adorable and Creative Baby Shower

My life seems to be full of babies at the moment - other people's babies, that is!

I went to a beautifully and lovingly crafted baby shower for my friend last weekend.  Her husband made all the food!  She is one lucky gal.

The baby shower was held in a bright, comfortable event space located on Wellington Street.  

 Home made bite sized cherry pop tarts.
Really tasty curried egg finger sandwiches.  This made me want a set of cookie cutters.
Bite sized chicken and waffles!   I was shocked by how many people didn't know about chicken and waffles.  And we're talking American expats here.
 There were some peanut m&m nappies.  Expert pinning job.
These cupcakes were really tasty.  Despite my best intentions I finished one in about ten seconds.
I loved these bags of kettle corn.  Not only was the message cute and clever, the homemade popcorn was delicious!

We played some games and sat around drinking and chatting.

 I liked the contrast of the big buildings on Wellington Street outside, and the clothespin of little baby clothes strung on the inside.
 There was also a onesie making station to get everyone's creative side spinning.  So cute!


  1. I'm so glad you enjoyed it! And excited we made the blog! xoxo