Tuesday, January 13, 2015

MTR Opens for the Kennedy Town

Michael and I went to Kennedy Town to check out the new MTR that opened there.  It opened on time, more or less, on December 28 2014.

 It's pretty amazing.  I can't help thinking about the Second Avenue Subway and how it's taken New York so long to put that construction in.  Granted this was only adding three stops onto an existing line, but still.  I read an article where an expat couple bought a flat in Kennedy Town in 2008 because they knew the MTR was going in.  Six years later and they are on their way to recouping their investment.  In NYC, you would still be twiddling your thumbs.
 It was relatively empty on our way there from Central.
We were entertaining thoughts of moving there to get more space.  Just for kicks, we went to see a few units in the newly built Cadogan, a luxury high rise, which was surprisingly nice.  Michael likes the brand new buildings with the brand new feel.
 The views from the apartment are pretty nice.
 But I can't get over how inefficient the window space is - why do they need this shelf space here? 

Then we went to see the monstrosity / housing block (depending on your perspective) that has been there since 2001, the Belcher's.  Walking toward the building blocks, I felt a little difficulty catching my breath.
 Doesn't it look like some futuristic behemoth where everyone is a cog in a wheel and lives in a socialist bloc without free thought or any creativity or individuality at all?  OK, so I am exaggerating a little bit. 
 This was the view down from one of the units we went to see.  I got a little lost trying to keep track of which bank of which tower of which block of the complex we were in.  I kept my cool in there, but after we left I knew for sure that I did not want the Belcher's - not yet at least.


  1. Hello Allison, I will be relocating to HK shortly and I'm interested in the Cadogan too. Sorry for the hassle, but if you don't mind, would you be so kind as to send any more pics which you may have (if any) and perhaps the unit type and price details (if you got them) to me please? That would help me greatly for now, as the agents refuse to tell me anything over email or the phone!


    1. Hi Jonathan! apologies for the delay in responding. I have sent you an email. The Cadogan is a beautiful building. Good luck and hope you enjoy your relocation!