Friday, January 30, 2015

Itacho Sushi on Lyndhurst Terrace - Cheap and Cheerful

Not all date nights can be really fancy (expensive) and romantic.  In fact, if it's a really good date night (your date is someone you actually like) then it doesn't really much matter where you go, does it?  (Supposedly…)

Well, then there are also the times where you didn't really set out to have date night at all (all your other plans fell through and you don't want to cook) and you can't be bothered to venture all that far (because you're hungry).

That's when you find yourself on a date night of the kind we recently went on.  We tried Itacho Sushi on Lyndhurst Terrace.  It opened recently, replacing Dozo! Sushi.  We've never set food inside the place - actually, either place.  It has a very Japanese feel to it in that it's quite automated.  There is a dizzying set of illustrated instructions for their mobile app.

They do this gimmicky high tech thing where you order via a tablet.

 I mean... I guess that's kind of high tech and cool in concept.  But when the tablet isn't working and the menu isn't all that intuitive, just give me a human being!  (I know, can you imagine how I will be when I'm eighty.)

We sat at the bar and had a nice view of the two sushi chefs busily rolling and cutting and preparing everyone's meals.

We painstakingly inserted all of our orders (you have to order a la carte sushi and sashimi here) then waited for the result.

Some of the fish was not great - one piece in particular was incredibly tough and chewy and cold.  Other pieces were fantastic.  I found the key was to stick to the more traditional cuts, like roasted eel, fatty yellowtail, fatty tuna and salmon.

The food was fine although they keep the temperature of the fish too low.  Sushi should be served at near room temperature.  And their fried oysters were a little fishy smelling - it made me worry whether we would get sick.  But thankfully all was fine.

For a bunch of rolls and appetizers and sushi, our meal came out to approximately HK$345 or so.  That is not bad my friends.

Would I go back here though?  Meh, probably not.

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