Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Perfect Present for My Dad

Guys, we all know about taking selfies.  But have you seen this, the newest accessory to the selfie phenomenon?  The mono pod.  

As the box says, "Taking self-portraits and videos has never been easier!"

My favorite instruction/tips are the ones on the box that tell you to "extend, aim, smile" and "make sure the lens is pointing at you and you will be in the picture."

Essentially, it is screw-on holder that holds your phone in place with a spring.  You screw that onto a retractable stick that extends out a couple of feet.  You can then set the timer on your camera phone or (accessory sold separately) use a little hand held button to snap the picture.

I've seen a few people on the streets of Hong Kong and in restaurants now using this.  When I saw a vendor selling these the other day, I immediately decided to buy one for my dad.  This is going to be the perfect present for him.

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