Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Dim Sum Lunch at China Tang

This post could also be titled "Supporting David Tang's Hong Kong Empire", but I guess I should not be cynical.

David Tang is probably most famous for his store, Shanghai Tang, which is now located in various areas in Central and at the Hong Kong airport.  They happen to always smell really good. They sell high quality Asian themed or Asian motif items and a lot of colorful silk items, for men, women, children and the home.

He is also very famous for the China Club, which I previously blogged about here.  The design of China Club is impeccable and it is quite well known as a fun place to bring business clients, out of town guests, and friends.

He already had one dim sum joint in Central, called Island Tang.  Now he has taken over the former 360 supermarket space in the Landmark building and created China Tang.
The restaurant is a beautiful fusion of traditional Chinese elements and modern new art deco furnishings.  There are a lot of lights and reflections in the place, from the floor-to-ceiling windows and the mirrors covering nearly every surface.
I loved the vintage colorful prints and especially the beautiful light blue dishes.

The food is pretty good too, though I have to say, it is not cheap.  Dim sum items come in threes and average HK$60 to $80.  The main dishes are all over HK$100.

We ordered a bunch of stuff which all came to the table in rapid succession:

The sauteed shrimp with cashews was really tasty.  It had just the right hint of spice, the sauce was flavorful but not overwhelming, and the shrimp were really tender and sweet.
These were miniature sesame pork buns that were served piping hot.  They were also very tasty, but I didn't love this dish because the amount of lard used was excessive.
The barbecue plate was really, really good.  The pork slices were tender and fragrant and oh so fatty.  The duck skin was perfectly crisped, though I prefer a higher duck breast to duck skin ratio.
My stipulations for soup dumplings are not all that demanding.  These were tasty, standard fare, served piping hot.  Each dumpling contained a generous portion of soup and none erupted or split open.  That was sufficient in my book.
This next dish was very intriguing.  It was a pan friend Shanghai dumpling - basically, a soup dumpling but fried so it has a pot-sticker bottom.  Amazing!  Can't say that any of this stuff is healthy but at least we can all agree it is tasty.
 This was the very pretty lobster har gow, which I thought was very strong in the presentation department but lacking in the taste department. Sadly, there was not that much flavor to the dumpling - the yellow peel was kind of thick and the broccoli florets added nothing to the taste.  I am all for beautiful presentation but people, let's keep our gluttonous eyes on the prize!  It's all about the flavor of the thing.
 The sautéed beef with mushrooms and shoots was tasty too, though there was nothing very special or particularly memorable about it.
 I loved the morning glory stir fried in a garlicky shrimp paste.  Usually the morning glory I see is much greener and smaller, but this one was very tender, notwithstanding its larger size.
All in all, I'm sure David Tang has done it again with China Tang.  Worth going while it is still a newcomer to the dining scene, I guess.  I've heard that it is significantly pricier for dinner than it is for lunch.  Reservations were not that hard to get, though we did make them a week in advance so not sure how it works for last minute reservations.
China Tang
Shop 411-413, 4F, Landmark Atrium
852 2522 2148

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