Monday, July 14, 2014

Sneaker Shopping: Fa Yuen Street in Mongkok

We went to get some sweet kicks this weekend in Mongkok, at the famed sneaker street.  Prices are not necessarily better than retail, but the street definitely offers up a lot of colors and variety. 

Men's sizes are more limited, especially in the larger end of the spectrum.   
Michael was looking for soccer shoes, and I was not really looking for anything in particular but kind of got intrigued by the whole shopping thing, as I am wont to do. 
Michael really struggled to find a shoe that he liked available in his size (or, let's face it, any shoe in his size) while I was pretty easily fitted.  They are catering to my people, after all!

I ended up with this pair, kind of bought on a whim.  
Now I kind of regret the splurge purchase, but it's too late.   There is no return policy here.   I like the color of the shoe (dark gray, a favorite) with the *pop* of pink.  But it's not a very comfortable shoe and because I pretty much assumed it a universal truth that clunky sneakers ought to be comfortable from the get go, I am very disappointed.
It being Mongkok, on a weekend... it was pretty crowded. People, people, everywhere!

With the weather in the high 90s and humidity topping out at nearly 90%, it was a rather intense shopping experience. Near the end, I had to (it was simply a necessity) get a Mobile Softee vanilla softserve.

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