Wednesday, May 28, 2014

My New Business Card Holder

I really like opals and pearls and mother of pearl (and, oh, while we're at it, emeralds and sapphires and diamonds and rhinestones and all kinds of baubles!) but I feel like they get a reputation for being a little staid, a little stuffy, or maybe a little tacky.
But I couldn't resist.  I picked up this vintage cigarette case on etsy for my business cards (I must stay away from etsy... etsy is sooooo deliciously and terribly bad for me my wallet) and I love it.  It is so shiny!
The case is in such good shape except for some minor spots inside (see picture below) that in a fit of paranoia I thought the seller lied to me about it being a vintage item.  However, it is made by Colibri, which I did not realize has quite a history, and it must be a bona fide cigarette case because Colibiri simply don't make much else  (I googled).  The spring is still nice and springy and the clasp tight and secure.
Now I will be happy (and maybe slightly distracted by its dazzle) when I have to tote my business cards at networking functions or conferences.  The sparkly case will also hold a key or a credit card, should I wish to pack light as I mingle. 

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