Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Back From Bali!

We have returned from Bali!  This is the land of swaying palm trees and warm ocean waters, peace, quiet, serenity and lots and lots of sunshine.  What a beautiful place.

We spent five beautiful days on the beach, by the pool and just generally soaking up as much sunshine as we could handle.

We stayed at The Legian, a really beautiful and sumptuous resort in Seminyak located in a very easy and accessible location.

There was a piano in the restaurant and live piano music wafted over us during lunch and dinner. There was also melodic local music being played on a xylophone-drum hybrid instrument during breakfast.
There was a little reading area in the reception hall.

Michael and I played ping pong in the bright sun.

Everywhere you looked, the hotel was full of these two kinds of flowers, which just smelled heavenly.

These lily pads were beautiful too.
This was the lovely balcony in our beautiful studio suite.  I neglected to take a picture of our separate daybeds in the other balcony adjoining the bathroom.
This was the view from our balcony, with the waves crashing yonder.
The gift shop was in a cool pyramid Aztec-like structure:
At dusk the resort was beautiful, lit up by candlelight.  The glass panes captured the sunset's rosy glow of sunset perfectly.

Before the trip, I was worried because I had heard that Bali, and Seminyak in particular, is quite commercialized and full of tourists.  It is exactly that, but to my surprise, this did not really bother me.

The resort was too beautiful, the boutiques too charming, and the sunshine too bright and cheery.  I was simply powerless against these myriad magical factors.  The sunshine in Bali felt like a warm benediction from the gods, an antidote to cure all ills. Too bad I can't bottle those happy rays and bring them home with me!

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