Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Food and Fruit in Bali

During our short time in Bali, I gorged on salad and fruit.

 The hotel had really fluffy, delicious pancakes and french toast.  I could not stop marveling at how good they were.

I have a new favorite cooking temperature for eggs: 63-64 degrees Celsius.  This is the precise temperature at which the egg yolk takes on a creamy, smooth but not runny consistency.
I had many plates of salad during my time in Bali.

 This is a passion fruit shake at Taco Casa.
Quite tasty, I assure you.

For lunch one day we went to a "local" satay joint.

While shopping on another day, I tried out the Earth Cafe.  Their young coconut was not very sweet, but it was massive and full of water.  The best part was the completely organic "straw," fashioned out of the stem of a fern!
 I had a vegan tempeh stir fried tofu with steamed bok choy and broccoli and rosemary roasted pumpkins.
Every day the resort gave us a fresh basket of fruit, which I loved.

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