Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Cabin - Cathay's Lounge at the Hong Kong Airport

my seat on a Dragonair codeshare flight to Shanghai
 I've been meaning to do a review of my favorite Cathay Pacific lounge in the Hong Kong airport for a while now.  Cathay Pacific (CX for short) is Hong Kong's airline, and a quite good one to boot.  Many people rave about their first class and business class product, especially on the long haul flights, and for good reason.  Their service is fantastic, alcoholic beverages are free and unlimited, food is tasty, entertainment plentiful and reliably chock full of the newest releases, and they have roomy seats and lay flat beds.  It's a far cry from the airlines in the U.S.  They partner with Dragonair Airlines on their short haul, local flights, and even though those flights tend to be on older planes, the service is still great and the product a cut above the rest. 
where would you like to go?

So it goes without saying that CX's lounges in the Hong Kong airport are also fantastic.  CX operates three departure lounges - The Wing, The Cabin and The Pier, and one arrivals lounge - very creatively named The Arrival.  The Wing launched in 1998 and is the lounge that captures all the splashy headlines and reviews.  Recently refurbished, The Wing spans three floors and consists of a first class lounge (with bathtubs), a business class lounge and an expansive noodle bar.    

Prior to living in Asia, I had never known about airport lounges.  Airports were a crowded place full of other stressed out, tired passengers, with overpriced and unhealthy food and drink.  Airport lounges have really changed the game...

Maybe once I sample the first class luxury exclusivity of The Wing, I will change my mind, but for now The Cabin is my favorite of the three CX departure lounges (I've never visited The Arrival).  Why do I prefer The Cabin?

1. Very conveniently located at gate 23, right in the middle of the concourse.  Perfect for that last minute dash to the gate that I like to do.
2. The food is fantastic. The other lounges have noodle bars, but The Cabin has a delicious antipasti and cold salad bar! (In addition to the usual delicious array of hot soup and dim sum goodies). 

3. I really like the cappucino and espresso bar, with a lovely view of the Cathay planes pulling in and out just yonder.

4. There is a fresh juice bar with recipes curated by the Peninsula.  I think you can see my reflection in the picture.  I chose the apple cleanser this time, but I wish I had time to get a star light and a mango passion smoothie as well!
5. I like the interior design of The Cabin.  There is a dramatic red carpet, red leather seats designed to cocoon you from your neighbor, marble floors, mirrored ceilings and black-out shades.  

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