Thursday, October 3, 2013

Opa! Dinner at Souvla

I went to a casual and improptu dinner at Souvla on Tuesday night, where my friends and I chowed down on a bunch of platters.  It was a good spot and I would go back just for the grilled octopus and the grilled cheese (too bad they do not light the cheese on fire like they do in Greektown in Chicago!).  My fried cheese picture didn't come out, so sadly that's missing from the collection below.

Dolmades.  Ok, but not great.  They were clearly freshly made because the rice inside was soft and warm, and the leaves were soft and not dried out at all.  But I thought they lacked a bit of flavor, and could not stand on their own without the extra sauce.

Grilled octopus. Recommended by the waiter and I completely agree. Only nit (no fault of restaurant) is that I really don't like dill, so I didn't touch the bed of leaves.  Think it would have been more authentic if they'd somehow been able to source dandelion leaves, but seeing as how it is Hong Kong, I am forgiving.  (But is there anything better than a slightly bitter dandelion salad with a tangy, eye-twitching lemon dressing?)

 Mini goat gyros:  good flavors, chips (fries) could have been hotter.  I thought the presentation was a little too cute.  (Am I crotchety or what?)

Eggplant and lamb moussaka: very cheesy, served piping hot, the minced lamb and eggplants were very well cooked.

Cypriot salad: good texture with nice ingredients, well seasoned.  Just not my type of salad because I prefer leafy greens.

Dessert: fried ice cream "breaded" with crushed corn flakes.  Pass.  This was highly recommended by the waiter but I can't summon even one good thing to say about it!
We finished our meal with some fragrant, loose leaf tea (I made the mistake of ordering Darjeeling, which kept me up most of the night). 

Verdict: I love grilled food, and I love lemon.  I need to go to Greece, stat.

Located in the labyrinthe of Lan Kwai Fong, Souvla was really hard to find.  They have two entrances. 

1/F, Ho Lee Commercial Building
40 D’Aguilar Street
Hong Kong

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