Friday, October 4, 2013

Asia Contemporary Art Show

Last night I went to the Asia Contemporary Art Show in the JW Marriott.  I received a VIP invitation which I couldn't quite resist. 

I hadn't been previously so wasn't sure what to expect.  The hotel lobby was very crowded, with a line for the elevators.  They had reserved only two elevators for the Art Show.

I zoomed up to the 27th floor along with a few other attendees, where we were greeted by trendy alkaline water supposedly balanced to be better absorbed by our bodies (it tasted icky, plus aren't batteries made of alkaline...?  that can't be healthy), red and white wine, and good ole' Brooklyn lager (which costs an arm and a leg here).

It was actually a quite cool concept - all the hotel rooms on the 27th floor were converted into galleries, showcasing art from galleries in Vietnam, Korea, China, Japan, Russia, the US, and Hong Kong.  Because hotel rooms are small, the galleries had to get creative with their setup.  Many used the walls and the bathrooms to maximum effect.  I am guessing that the galleries that occupied the bigger rooms in the corner paid more for their space. 

This was a really cool lenticular picture of Obama.  I took the picture facing it directly, so caught Obama "moving" from left to right. 

This was in the Russian gallery, and something about it really caught my fancy.

My favorite aspect of the whole thing was the art displayed in the bathroom:

over the sinks,

over the tubs, 

and finally, in the tub itself!

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